Summer on Blue Lagoon Island home of Dolphin Encounters!

On Sunday, I traveled from Florida to Nassau, The Bahamas, to collect some data on the dolphins at Dolphin Encounters (on Blue Lagoon Island). It is my return to collecting data underwater with my MVA2. The last sessions for me using the array was about half a dozen years ago. I’m only here for a few days to collect data and also to chat about two other studies we have ongoing or slated to begin this year. It is always a pleasure to head “into the field” … and this trip is no different. Thankfully, yesterday, I was in the water most of the day and did not realize the temps were in the high 90s (°F) with a high heat index! Data collection is mostly above water today and I am feeling the heat! Thank goodness for rash guards and sunblock! Still, some of the older dolphins seemed to relax around me and the MVA2 after a couple of sessions; the younger dolphins seemed to be a mix of curious and trepidation, at least at the start. 
I’ll have a couple more updates this week. And, then we resume our delayed gratification study in September.