Are you singing the song now? I began my day with Kel and her two kids, learning about – sharks! We had a private tour of the Bimini Biological Field Station (aka SharkLab). With preschool attention spans in mind, Chessie took us straight out to the pens. Here, we had a nice encounter with Dave the nurse shark and a lemon shark we nicknamed “Sour.” We got lots of great information and even got to touch (kids) and hold (grownups) Dave. Thank you Chessie! I got back to North Bimini and soon, it was time to go out again! And this afternoon had some surprises for us…

We found a group of more than 20 spotted dolphins today! A lot of juveniles and females with calves. The guests had three separate encounters (= swims/underwater observations) with them and each time four juveniles came to play! But the first encounter was definitely the most intense and incredible… when a tiger shark came very close to the dolphins and the people! No worries though – the shark swam away all by itself (seemingly as soon as it noticed the swimmers). Such a beautiful animal!

On our way back, we came across about a dozen bottlenose dolphins. From the water, the guests reported that there were probably as many nurse sharks as dolphins! We stayed half an hour with them to enjoy the encounter before coming back to Bimini!

A wonderful day!

Until next time,


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