Sun, Rain, Clear and silty visibility – the day ran the gamut!

We had another action film shoot to start our day – walking to the water taxi and arriving to the dock at Bailey’s before we set up for data collection. The light and sun and clouds were cooperative for the shoot. I even got a full session of underwater video data collection this morning and we collected baseline spatial use data and the before, during, and after data collection sessions around my observational data collection. Dory was my buddy for a good portion of the observation session – you can see her in the blog photo checking me out this morning!
We stayed at Baileys once our early morning video data session was complete to wait for the trainers and be ready for Teri on arrival for continued creativity data collection. Across three sessions today (two morning and one afternoon), we were able to complete a second session for most of the dolphins in our study. Of course, the rain meant that not only did I get wet (doing the in-water observations) but so did Dee, Heather and Teri, on the dock! The shower was short lived, but followed by some blurry and silty underwater visibility due to the rain. Thankfully, the visibility cleared relatively swiftly. Our afternoon was more baseline spatial observations as well as data collection before, during, and after a swim program. We regrouped late this afternoon/early evening to review data, spot check footage, enter data into the spreadsheet, and discuss tomorrow’s game plan – more of the same! We all sleep really well at night!
Until tomorrow,
Kathleen, Heather, Dee, & John