Changing of the Guard – sort of!

Today was the last day on Roatan for the CSU group and the first day on Roatan for the University of Rhode Island (URI) student group. The onsite team helped with a last morning data collection session during which Kathleen saw much of Mrs. Beasley and there was much socializing among all the dolphins this morning. Breakfast was another delight and then the CSU students did their final packing and prep for departure. They left for the airport at 11 AM. And about 20 minutes later, I learned from Dr. R. that the URI group was delayed in Atlanta due to mechanical issues on the plane. (Better safe than sorry!) I’d shifted rooms while waiting and got a few minutes to swing in a hammock.
The URI group arrived at about 4:45 PM and we delighted to see their first sunset on Roatan! It was a big yellow orb dropping behind Bailey’s Key. Their journey began at midnight on Friday evening and everyone wore giant smiles even though they were tired. We start tomorrow early so tonight had everyone wrapping up their evening before Roatan midnight (aka 8 pm!)
Until tomorrow and URI’s first dolphin observations and data collection session.
Kathleen and the URI Rams (yes! Both schools have the ram as mascot!!)