Day 2 – Snorkeling in Salt Water, Getting our Feet Wet

Everyone was on time, early in fact, for our data collection session. We met at the water taxi stand at 6:45 for our boat ride to Bailey’s Key. We got to observe our first interaction with Dr. D and the dolphins. Alex P. got to play fetch with Dory with a red leaf, they played about 6 times. Emily made friends with all the resident cats on Baileys and one helped her collect data.
Several of us met the dolphins up close from the trainers – we got to sit with a few of them to learn more about each of the dolphins and be able to recognize some of their marks for ID.
Free time consisted of paddle-boarding successfully and kayaking around Anthony’s Key.
Ashley’s hair is really not liking this humidity but she would live here all the days of her life.
Sam got stung by a bee when we were at the pool testing out our snorkel gear.
After snorkeling near Bailey’s Key, we got to eat fresh coconuts and drink coconut milk. Grant had an unexpected engagement with some fire coral (but I’m ok).
After the afternoon dolphin encounter, we watched the dolphins a bit more and it looked like the dolphins were pair swimming and hanging out with each other.
The fish ID lecture was really interesting and we learned lots about the fish around the reef.
Soledad took her snorkeling one fin (step) at a time and did not die.
We learned more about dolphin rubbers and rubbees to help with our data collection.
Paloma returned to her place of bliss – snorkeling in very clear, warm waters.
Overall, it was an amazing day; we loved it!
St. Mary’s Snorkelin’ Snakes