Finally Here!

Our day began at ~4 AM to travel to the airport to begin our trek south. This field week on Roatan is a culmination of our spring class called PS4363 – Roatan Field Study. We were on summer break and traveled from as far as El Paso to get to San Antonio for our flight. We learned that a few of us have turbulence sensitivity! Thank goodness for pretzels and ginger-ale!
On arrival, we went through the immigration line for about an hour and then swiftly got our bags and headed via shuttle to Anthony’s Key Resort. We were greeted by LOTS of stairs to get to check in. We were a bit surprised by the lack of humidity we felt.
Our rooms are comfy and air-conditioned and each porch has lovely hammocks! We are not sure how much time we will get to use them … but they look like they would be a great place for a nap! Or maybe a good spot to read some of our required papers for discussion.
After getting checked in, we decided to try the kayaks and paddle-boards. Some of us were better at coordinated paddling than others. Some of us had to figure which side was front and which was back on the paddle-boards. We were all able to get over to Bailey’s Key to see the dolphins! It was a great way to spend time before dinner!
Dinner was delicious and we had lots of great conversations (especially since Dr. D said no phones at dinner!). The food was astoundingly tasty.
We wrapped up the day learning about the plan for tomorrow and getting introduced to the data notebook.
Tomorrow begins early with data collection at 6:45 … until then!
Alex, Alex, Paloma, Mike, Grant, Jesus, Paige, Ashley, Soledad, Emily, Gonzalo, Kimberli, Sam, Kassandra, Jessica, Pat, and Drs. H & D