Welcome to Bimini, Frankie!

Summer intern Nat and I are thrilled to welcome DCP’s 2nd 2018 Short Field Experience Intern to Bimini! Frankie arrived on Friday and will be doing some blog writing over the next ~2 weeks. While Frankie was busy with flights, a “bus” and a water taxi, Nat lead the surface data collection mission with the Behind the Mask team and Bimini Adventures. During the sunny trip, she was able to ID Tina (#14) and her distinct calf, Split Jaw (#22), Inka (#93) and Sulfur (#102). I’m super proud of Nat for recognizing those dolphins on her own! Now, enjoy Frankie’s first impression of Bimini!



Waking up at 3 am to start my travel day from Chicago to Bimini was easier than expected. I was too excited to sleep the night before, sleep on the flight to Miami, or the final flight to Bimini. I told myself I would nap for an hour when I got to my accommodation in Bimini so I could be ready to start some work that night. However once I saw the beautiful turquoise water I immediately put on my swimsuit and went to the beach.

I was lucky enough to spend the last few months in Australia studying biology at a university on the ocean there; however I was still in awe when looking at the water here. I sat on the beach for about twenty minutes just admiring all the different shades of blues (also hoping to see some fins in the distance, but to no avail) before finally diving in.

After swimming for a little, I dried off and sat on the steps to wait for Kelly to come pick me up. To my luck, a very friendly curly-tailed lizard even came and sat with me for a little.  Kelly and her two adorable kids then showed me around the gorgeous island of North Bimini. I knew I would love the island, but I did not think I would fall in love this quick- between the beautiful beaches, friendly dogs, and even friendlier people- I couldn’t keep a smile off my face. I was able to learn a little bit more about Kel’s journey here and what my job would be for the next week and a half.

I then finished off my night meeting the other intern, Nat, who even invited to a lovely dinner with her parents who are currently visiting.

I can’t believe it’s only been a day here, it already feels like I’ve been here for a week! I am so excited to be able to enjoy this beautiful island while learning more about field research and the local dolphin population.