Cloudy skies give way to dolphins

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to join a Bimini Adventures charter. The small group of guests was upbeat, friendly and excited for dolphins. As we cruised the shoreline, the sky was filled with clouds and rain came down in the lightest of sprinkles. We searched and searched and just after the boat hit a turbulent trough, there they were: four Atlantic spotted dolphins! Four turned into six turned into eight turned into at least 12. Over the course of three swims, we Buster (#04), Split Jaw (#22), Prince William (#64), Tim (#69), Speedy (#78), Inka (#93) and un-named #107. Plus, I’m confident that I’ll recognize even more once we review the video. There was so much going on – the guests were thrilled! We saw social tactile behavior including pectoral fin rubbing, we saw mating (particularly between Split Jaw and #107) and we watched the dolphins surf the waves, circling us with ease.

After more than a week on land, today was a great day of data collection. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

Until then,


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