What’s up with the harbor, dolphins?

For the second time in the last month, I received a report of Atlantic spotted dolphins in the bay of Bimini. I’ve been studying these dolphins off Bimini’s shore for 15 years, with only a single report of spotteds in the harbor last fall, soon after Hurricane Irma (and those dolphins were very close to the opening of the bay/harbor). So…what’s up with coming in the harbor, dolphins?

As we work to ID which dolphins are undertaking this exploration, we hope everyone will be safe and respectful around the dolphins in the this area (and everywhere, of course!) !) – meaning, cautious driving, no touching, no feeding. So far, we know that Romeo (#10) and Leslie (#80), with their calves and another presumed mother/calf pair, were in the March explorer’s club (thank you, Atmo & Amlas!). On Sunday, it was Paul (#99), Vee (#101) and un-named #110. All looking healthy and not stressed (but circling in an atypical area).

Wild animals always keeping it interesting. Who’da thought.


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