Travel Challenges followed by Rain, Rain, Rain

We each had varied travel experiences to get to Roatan from the USA. The CSU students with their intrepid professor (Dr. K) arrived without incident, which was good since they began travel at about 02:30 AM. Dee, Heather and Maria each had uneventful trips from Miami and Houston, respectively. I, on the other hand, had a never-before experience: my first flight was delayed because the pilots got locked out of the cockpit. (Not sure where they left their keys!) I received the last standby seat on the next flight to Atlanta and made my connecting flight to Roatan. My checked bag, however, decided to stay a night in Atlanta. I’ve never been so glad to have the MVA as a carry-on!
We had a great first afternoon with a RIMS/AKR orientation from Jennifer, a delicious dinner and then a wrap up chat about the research, the MVA and the plans for tomorrow. We did the evening chat with the ambiance of rain, which is still falling. We hope it will clear in the morning as we will start observations at 6:45 AM.
Tomorrow’s post will be from the student team! Stay tuned!
Kathleen with Heather, Dee, Marie and the CSU crew!