Intern Tori Presents on DCP

Fulfilling the Honor’s component to her Honor’s Biology class at Indian River State College, DCP volunteer and intern, Tori Meyer, presented her project on Dolphin Communication to fellow Honors students and faculty. Part review of Kathleen Dudzinski and Christine Ribic’s 2017 publication, “Pectoral Fin Contact as a Mechanism for Social Bonding among Dolphins,” and part general discussion around past and present DCP research efforts, Tori’s presentation covered the subject of dolphin communication methods, focusing on tactile contacts between bottlenose dolphins in the RIMS facility, as well as tactile contacts among the wild population of Atlantic Spotted dolphins around Bimini, the Bahamas. Eager to continue her contribution to DCP’s ongoing research efforts in any way she’s able to, Tori is a passionate advocate for the Dolphin Communication Project, and was grateful for this opportunity to share her passion and experience in an academic setting.