Roatan or Bust!

It is true – my bags seem smaller than in years past! Maybe I’m following technology’s pattern in having my gear get smaller and smaller with more years accumulated! As with our January 2017 field course, I’ve been able to streamline the MVA2 packing such that it fits into a carry-on! I still need a checked bag for my bathing suits, shorty wetsuit, and fins (etc.) but it’s nice to “travel light!” And yes, 1 checked bag and two carry-ons is “traveling light” for me when going into the field! 🙂

Tomorrow, we will be on Roatan, at Anthony’s Key Resort! The weather is forecasted to be cloudy every day … but we shall see what happens. I’m hoping the weather-forecasters are incorrect! Either way, here’s to hoping for good underwater visibility and lots of observations and data collection.

Before we can start those activities … we need to get there! Our day will begin very early tomorrow, but the rainbow of the afternoon will be Roatan and the dolphins!

Cheers and stay tuned …