DCP to Roatan – October 2017!

In a couple of days, 20 of us will be traveling from the USA to Roatan to join DCP’s next eco-tour research session at Anthony’s Key Resort in association with the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS). I am really looking forward to this week of observations and data collection of the dolphins at RIMS! It’s been 9.5 months since we were at AKR and we have a slightly modified MVA2 system to use. A few weeks ago, John and I (mostly John) retrofitted the MVA2 with a new, tapeless camera. The camera fits into the housing but the screen will be quite difficult to see. We have a mirror in there to help me see the timecode. But, I’ll also be relying on my watch to track each 30- or 60-minute underwater observation session! You can see in this image John is checking to be sure the housing has no leaks and that the manual controls on the housing match up to the buttons on the camera. All was good!
I have to finish packing the gear and then will be ready to travel south! Stay tuned to the DCP home page for updated from the field during this autumn data collection session to Roatan.