Rough seas won’t stop the Trio!

So after a few days of poor weather conditions thanks to Tropical Storm Emily, and a few  cancelled boat trips, The Trio was excited to get back aboard the Renegade on Tuesday for some field work! Unfortunately, there were still some squalls in the area, and some rough seas once outside the channel, but the Renegade was determined to give it a try for the sake of Bimini Adventures’ new eco-tour group and see if we could find some dolphins. Captain Al and Captain Audley found the group a nice, calm spot to jump in the water for an equipment check, after putting some distance between us and the rain. Once back onboard, and steady on course, it was becoming clear that it was going to be very difficult to locate dolphins in seas like this, despite the best efforts of the crew and researchers.  With Captain Audley at the helm, navigating us through the weather (and waves), we began to make our way back to the safety of the marina.

Once docked, we were greeted in the marina by three, fairly large bull sharks, who took to cruising around the boat, showing off their size and maneuverability. So although today’s efforts did not yield any dolphins, we are not discouraged because the ocean is full of life and it’ll still be there, waiting for us tomorrow when we return.

Until then,

Patrick, Kaiya & Tori