Rain, Research and a Tiger!

The Trio awoke to a stormy Tuesday morning, but that didn’t stop us from getting down to the Sea Crest for Nicole’s presentation of her Master’s project, to the DCP Eco-tour group eagerly awaiting her. After a rainy morning of scientific research discussion, enhanced by all the brilliant minds in the room, we went into lunch motivated and enlightened from such a wonderful educational experience. We were determined to make the best of this 4th of July, regardless of the weather, so we headed home to grab our gear, and then it was back to the dock for our 3pm boat departure.

To everyone’s delight, the rain held off for a while, and we were presented with a beautiful afternoon (double rainbow included). We made the rounds through dolphin territory, but unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in locating any. Everyone remained in good spirits, and the swim break definitely helped with that, as this group is eager to get in the water and stay there.  There were a few times when Capitan Al thought he may have caught a glimpse of some splashing in the distance, but it didn’t reappear, and it would seem as though the luck we’ve been running on, has run out for the moment. But not to worry, because although we weren’t able to locate or sight any dolphins today, we did encounter a big tiger shark, swimming lazily at the surface, while heading back to the dock. Was the tiger shark’s presence the reason behind no dolphin sightings? Hmmmm….

We returned to shore for a lovely group dinner, thanks to Chef Bob, as well as Julie and her hospitality. It was a great evening of swapping stories and getting to know one another, while the fireworks display could be seen in the distance. Tomorrow is another day and another chance for us to find some dolphins, so we’re not letting the rain and absence of our illusive friends dampen our spirits, and we’ll be back on the boat and back at it after tomorrow morning’s beach clean-up.

Happy 4th of July to All!

The Bimini Team

PS: We’re so synced that we all wore red shirts without even discussing it!