A Busy Thursday Deserves Two Posts, Part One: Beach Cleanup

Thursday morning began with Garion, Mathew and Nicole joining Dr. Kaplan, Dr. Maust-Mohl and the Hunter/Manhattan College students for a beach cleanup on Radio Beach in Alice Town. DCP feels it is important for students and island guests to gain an understanding and appreciation of the natural environment and community on Bimini, not just the dolphins that live in its waters. Picking up trash along the beach is a great way to give back to the community that has provided so many wonderful experiences over the past two weeks. This time we had a lovely treat—three Bahamian gentlemen joined our cleanup, sharing stories with the students and volunteers and impressing upon us the importance of choosing more sustainable products (one gentlemen had particularly strong feelings against the widespread use of straws, much like Nicole).

This was just the morning! Stay tuned for boat trip details,

Garion, Mathew & Nicole