Big Splashes

Sunday began the final dolphin week of Bimini Adventures’ 2016 season. Though it was strange to prep for a boat trip without Nicole, I was happy to meet the new guests and search for dolphins in calm seas. About 45 minutes into the trip, the guests had their first swim break, giving them an opportunity to test their snorkel gear, practice getting on and off the boat and generally acclimate themselves to Bimini’s waters. It was not long after this that I saw a splash. It was far, but it was big and soon crewman Michael saw it too. We guided Al toward the splash and soon everyone was seeing a leaping young dolphin – man, this dolphin was getting some serious height!

The Atlantic spotted dolphins were scattered in an atypical way. It seemed like they were snacking on something and showed little interest in the boat. So, we waited for quick glimpses and big leaps, enjoying it all. Eventually, six dolphins came together and though they weren’t interested in typical bowriding, we were able to watch them for quite a long time. They were not part of the long-time Bimini community, so may be dolphins from the Grand Bahama group who are now frequently seen off Bimini. Briefly, another, small dolphin watching boat distracted the dolphins, but after the boat departed we rejoined the group. They made two direction changes and suddenly, there were lots more dolphins! Al counted at least 14 as I joined the guests in the water. First Noodle (#94) swam by the camera, then Speedy (#78) (I think!) and Split Jaw (#22), plus several others that I didn’t know at first glance. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the day!

Until next time,