DCP RIMS March 2016 Summary

Saturday was our travel day to return home. Sunday was a recovery day from a very productive, action-filled week and a long day of return travel! You can see from this photo that Dixie was very glad I was home … and she and I took a good nap on the couch on Sunday!


Our trip was productive in that I collected about 3.5 hrs of video on the video camera and another almost 1.5 hrs of concurrent GoPro footage. Our team of 13 St. Mary’s students each were able to collect data for their various class projects; these projects focused on the dolphin behavior, water pH and temperature according to differing depth and distance from shore, and soil sampling. The students will be busy over the next couple of weeks analyzing their data and writing their reports. Similarly, I will be busy completing new sketches of the dolphins for this week’s data and logging the videotapes.


Thank you for reading along and thank you to our St. Mary’s Roatan Rattlers for participating in our March 2016 field course!