Electronic Adopt-a-Wild-Dolphin Kits are HERE!

Biiiiig news, friends! You can now opt for an electronic adopt-a-wild-dolphin kit! That’s right, a completely paper, ink & shipping free way to support DCP & learn about dolphins!

All adoptive parents will now have the option to select an electronic kit ($30) or a hard copy kit ($35)!
Both kits contain lots of details about the dolphin you adopt but also about DCP’s programs overall. The hard copy kit is unchanged, but the electronic version includes three PDFs: your personalized adoption kit (including a link to your dolphin video), a PhotoBook of the dolphin you selected and the DCP info booklet!
Supporters outside the United States & Canada will no longer be able to choose hard copy kits. But, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the electronic versions!

Check it all out: www.adoptawilddolphin.com