Unexpected Rain


On Friday the clouds started to roll in but the strong August sun was still out and shining. This week’s Bimini Adventures group had their last day out on the boat today. We followed a similar route as earlier this week, as we typically do, to help make ourselves predictable for the dolphins. The sea was calm but no dorsal fins could be detected. We kept searching for several hours and decided to take a refreshing swim break. It was a warm day in the sun and the water was clear and delightful. One of the passengers even found a sand dollar! 


We continued our unsuccessful search for the dolphins until it was time to turn the boat around and head back to land. On our way back the clouds turned darker and it appeared to be raining to the west. As we got closer to the island the clouds moved over us and it became windier. As we approached the channel the dark clouds come overhead and it started to rain! Some people tried to take cover as a few people embraced the fresh rain hitting them. As we arrived at the harbor the rain turned into a sprinkle; all those dark clouds and it hardly rained over Bimini at all! There were three bull sharks and a stingray in the harbor feeding on fish scraps from the fishermen. We watched them and took a few photos. We tried to focus our attention on the great week with the dolphins and the boat trips and less on today. We hope the departing members of the group have a good trip home and we’re looking forward meeting the new arrivals on Sunday! 


All that splashes,

Ellyne & Kali