How many spotteds do you see?


Kel headed out early on Wednesday for some work with Bimini Adventures’ film crew. Soon she was back on land, where Kali & Ellyne are continuing their week of data processing – they are getting lots done! In the afternoon, it was back to sea for Kel and she and the crew were rewarded with an early and long spotted dolphin sighting. The action started with a group of six, seven, no, eight dolphins! The mixed age group included un-named #75 (and his look-a-like), a known, but to-be-catalogued young juvenile and Leslie (#80). Leslie was sporting a fresh, but thankfully fairly shallow injury to her right side. We were thrilled to get in the water with this group and get a nice, clear look at the injury. Though it is shallow (it may not even leave a scar), it’s certainly possible that it is from a shark – maybe even a tiger. Throughout the day, we likely saw upwards of 40 different individual dolphins, though not all at the same time. The largest single group count was 25 dolphins, which is a big group for Bimini. As we made use of lots of different underwater observations, we confirmed IDs for Tina (#14, with her calf), Split Jaw (#22), Swoosh (#36), Prince William (#64), Tim (#69) and Speedy (#78) – all in addition to Leslie (#80) and un-named #75. And, Kel is confident we’ll get even more individuals ID’d once we review the video… 


It was another productive day all around. We’re looking forward to tomorrow! 


Until then,

Kel, Ellyne & Kali