Data & Dolphins


This week, Kali & Ellyne will be focused on data processing, spending their days on land. Kel is joining Bimini Adventures, and a visiting film crew, each afternoon. On Tuesday, effort began at 14:18, and within an hour, we were observing a group of four young bottlenose dolphins. Kel definitely recognized some of the dolphins, but it will be Ellyne & Kali’s hard work with the DCP bottlenose photo-ID catalog that will help us confirm their identities. One has a short right pectoral fin and another a short left pectoral fin. At first, it seemed like the group was on the move, but we soon realized they in fact were crater feeding. This was good news for the crew and they are very interested in this behavior. Kel was able to enter the water twice, getting quick glimpses of the dolphin group – including a fifth dolphin that joined the fun! 


Until tomorrow,

Kel, Kali & Ellyne