Lauren is back! But the dolphins…


Tuesday was an exciting but sad day as Lauren arrived to Bimini and it was Nicole’s last day. Lauren, if you recall, was a summer intern last year. We’re thrilled to have her back, albeit for a short time, to help prepare for and orient the new interns when they arrive next week. Nicole went out on the boat solo on her final trip, and the group saw a couple of spotted dolphins that DCP did not recognize. After an encounter attempt the boat moved on and ran into a group of five bottlenose dolphins! The group grew into two sub groups of five and five, and the passengers got a quick glimpse of the bottlenose under water while Nicole focused on collecting dorsal fin photographs from the boat. There were definitely some familiar individuals in the group. Though everyone was happy to see the dolphins our fingers are crossed for more underwater data from the rest of the week.  


We spent the evening visiting and debriefing. But, we’re not ready for Nicole’s departure! 


All for now, 

Lauren, Nicole & Kel