No misses for this crew!


Wednesday was another busy day of dolphin observations for the Bimini Adventures guests. Before we were even completely clear of the harbor, we could see bottlenose dolphins in the perfectly blue Bimini water. This trio was headed south and although my quest for dorsal fin ID shots was interrupted by a passing yacht, it was very cool to watch the dolphins surf the wake – and make impressive leaps – toward the shore of South Bimini. Since these animals were on the move, we continued our search, and soon discovering a larger group of bottlenose dolphins. This group of 12 cruised under the boat and passed us, but the insanely clear water meant it was a very cool sight. As we continued once again, we saw another bottlenose dolphin on the move…

Over an hour later, the guests needed a wake up and a quick swim break did the trick. Then, at 16:30, we saw our first spotted dolphins of the day. The group was keen on bowriding and under water we got glimpses of an unfamiliar adult with a distinct right jaw and several calves. During our second underwater session, we saw familiar moms, including Tina (#14) and Lil’ Jess (#35). At 17:46 it was time to head home!

Until next time,

PS: Photo to follow!