The dolphins are back!

BIM14_T39_Sfs With rain and preoccupied dolphins dominating recent days, Lauren and Alexis were hoping for a great day on Wednesday and they got it! In the morning Kel and the interns did a talk with Bimini Adventures’ guests and they were very interactive and asked a lot of great questions! Thank you again for having us! In the afternoon Lauren and Alexis went on the boat trip and after searching for an hour and a half a group of 5 bottlenose dolphins appeared. We hopped into the water to see if they would interact with us and like always the bottlenose were much more interested in crater feeding than us! Everyone enjoyed watching them as they fed and after a while we decided to move on and look for another group. Almost immediately after we left them we came upon a group of about 25 spotted dolphins! We quickly geared back up and got into the water, and the group diminished down to only about 8 dolphins that were interested in us. The swim ended up being almost an hour! Unfortunately we did not see any dolphins that we immediately recognized, but Alexis thinks she may have seen Romeo (#10) very briefly from the surface. We are hoping that with further review of our underwater photos we may be able to ID a few from our group, including one of the juveniles pictured here who is so far nicknamed, “Speedy’s look-a-like”! On our way back to the island 3 very young spotted dolphins greeted our boat with jumps and leaps and then continued to bow ride for a few minutes, and we recognized #99! All in all it was a great day, although Lauren and Alexis do wish they had put on more sunscreen!
Lauren, Alexis, and Kel