Better than yesterday!


BIMT37_SfsThursday began on a low note as Amy left to return home, and we were all sad to see the intern trio go down to two. Our boat trip started off looking very similar to Wednesday, with around three hours passing before seeing any sign of life out on the water. Finally around 18:00 we ran into 3 bottlenose dolphins, who were moving about inconsistently and showing no interest in the boat. After watching them for ten minutes, we decided to move on, hopeful that we would find a more playful group. We finally saw a small group of spotted dolphins approximately 30 minutes later, and were able to recognize Stefran (#82), Romeo (#10), and Swoosh (#36)! Unfortunately they were on the move and so not overly interested in interacting with us, but we were all happy to have a short encounter and rest well knowing that Kel is not cursed. Although these two days were slow, it was a great week and we’re sure next week will be too!
Ta-ta for now,
Lauren, Alexis, and Kel