No such luck


Wednesday’s trip was a big trip for us. We were fortunate enough to have Kel join all three interns on the boat and it was also Amy’s very last boat trip for the season, as she was heading back to the States to finish the office portion of the internship. So we headed out with high hopes. It was a hot day, so after we had been out for about an hour everyone agreed a swim break was completely and utterly necessary. Everyone hopped in to cool off and regain their mental strength in this body breaking warmth! We all got back on board and continued our search. Unfortunately, we came up short with absolutely no dolphins. Even though it was a bummer, this is what happens sometimes and we were at least happy to have been on the boat, searching for dolphins. Kel is beginning to feel cursed though, since her last three “big boat” trips with Bimini Adventures have been dolphin-less! In all fairness, the weather was rough on the previous two trips, but still, let’s hope that the curse is not true since she’s coming with us again tomorrow!!!
Amy, Lauren, Alexis & Kel