A dolphin-filled day without dolphins


BIM14_SheddHSMB2Thursday began with a DCP presentation to a new group of students aboard the Coral Reef II for Shedd Aquarium’s High School Marine Biology Program. Kel presented a PowerPoint while Alexis and Amy chimed in to answer questions and share their experiences. It was an engaging group of students full of thoughtful questions and smart ideas. The discussion ranged from what we know about dolphin interspecies interactions to the frequency of shark attacks in Bimini to how we might study dolphin personality to the meaning of pectoral fin contact between dolphins. What a positive way to start the morning! Thank you to everyone involved for inviting us.

Sadly our afternoon boat trip with Bimini Adventures was postponed due to another bout of stormy weather. When we finally left the dock at 17:00, we only had time for a short trip out to the undersea ruins of “Bimini Road” for a passenger snorkel. We hoped we might see dolphins on the way, but no such luck. We’ll wish for better success next time!

Cowabunga dudes,
Amy, Alexis, & Kel