Dolphin Gazette Issue 17.2 and haiku contest winners

The Dolphin Gazette Issue 17.2 is now
available! Good luck trying to decide what to read about first in this
issue! Been dying to know how Justin’s seminar went? Curious about the
whale that stranded in Bimini? Or is Kathleen’s fall 2013 visit
to RIMS, and DCP’s first go at crowd-funding, that has you avoiding
doing the dishes? Fear not! You can read all about these and other DCP
updates in the latest issue of The Dolphin Gazette. Download a PDF at
this link:

We are also proud to announce the winners of DCP’s Spring Haiku Contest!

From far away, look!
It’s square dancing dolphins
Giddy-up, yee haw!
Submitted by: Ally C. (age 7)

Dolphins ride the waves.
Only see them for a minute.
Keep you wondering.
Submitted by: Abigail M.

Soaring through the sky,
dolphins jump gigantic waves
flipping acrobats
Submitted by: Brynne M. (age 11)

Congratulations to our winners who each receive a 5-pack of DCP Dolphin
Trading Cards (available for purchase online). Thank you to everyone
who submitted a haiku to our contest – we enjoyed all the submissions,
written by adults and children alike! It was a blast to read all of your
creativity! If you would like to suggesta future contest, let us know via our contact form.