Making the Best of a Windy Day

BIM13_T28_3Sisters_NicoleWednesday began with all three of us heading over to the Sea Crest Hotel to chat about dolphins and DCP with Bimini Adventures’ international guests. Everyone was very involved and asked lots of questions. The interns also felt confident enough to step up and answer a few questions this time. All in all it was a great morning!

We then headed back and worked on some data processing until the boat was scheduled to leave. It was a bit windier than Tuesday but the interns once again set off on a boat full of excited guests. Our course gradually became rougher and Captain Al decided it would be fruitless to try to search for dolphins in those conditions, so we turned ourselves around. In order to ensure that everyone had a fun trip despite not having seen any dolphins by that point, we stopped by Three Sisters for a snorkeling adventure. It is always a treat to explore the reef habitats around Bimini to see the multitude of colorful fish and coral species. We all had a great time.

Once aboard the boat, we again tried our dolphin course in the hopes that some dolphins might appear. After about half an hour we had to head in the direction of home. Unfortunately, we never saw any dolphins. Of course, we were all disappointed, but it’s always a good learning experience to realize that the dolphins we look for are unpredictable and our plans are at the mercy of the weather. We are still looking forward to going out again to see if we can find them next time!

Until then,

Nicole, Salma & Kel