I think “wow” just about covers it….

Bimini2010_T86_092We departed the dock with sunny skies and, finally, calm seas. Saturday’s trip followed a week of abbreviated and/or cancelled dolphin trips because of the high winds and seas. Although today’s group of passengers was small, we were all eager for dolphins. The first half of the trip was uneventful, but we didn’t stop looking. At about 1730, we saw some very big splashes. Although we were hopeful it might be dolphins, we were prepared for something more unusual because the splashes were not typical for what we see here. Soon, it was unmistakable – dolphins were causing all this commotion! Soon we were following at least 50 – yes, 5-0 – dolphins as they traveled north. This is officially the largest dolphin group observed by DCP in Bimini. Amazing! As if that weren’t enough, there was at least one bottlenose dolphin in the group – and possibly (not confirmed) at least three pantropical spotted dolphins! This species is not often seen in this area – it was all very exciting!! 

Included in the group were Romeo (#10), Swoosh (#36), Lone Star (#56), Trudy (#57), Stefran (#82), Addie (#84), Tilly (#87) and un-named #43 and #92. ID#92 is pictured here. The boat passengers were able to get a quick glimpse under water with the young dolphins circling all about! 

Until next time,