Really, it’s August 4th?

Bimini2010_T59_TtWe’re not sure where the last four weeks went, but they have certainly flown by! Janan & Cat spent the early part of this week finishing up DCP tasks and cramming in a last bit island exploring and socializing. Then, Wednesday marked the 2010 summer interns’ last dolphin trip! We headed out with a full boat of excited passengers. While we did not get a chance to observe any dolphins underwater, we did have four separate sightings of bottlenose dolphins. Nearly all were in pairs and we got good, but quick views of all of them.  

Thursday morning Janan & Cat will depart and head to their respective homes. They were a fantastic team and DCP is grateful for all of their hard work! Stay tuned for the upcoming Dolphin Gazette for reflections from the interns. 

Until next time,

Kel, Cat & Janan