Full House!

BIM10_T55_SfCalf_CKochMonday we had beautiful weather for another dolphin trip. We headed out at around 16:00 with calm waters and the sun shining! The boat was full of passengers and we were all excited for some dolphins! And boy the day was a success! After a snorkel stop at “3 Sisters,” we headed into the dolphin grounds and soon after saw at least 6 bottlenose dolphins at about 17:30! We watched them for a bit, collecting dorsal fin photographs, and then headed off in search of spotteds. At about 18:40, we found a group of 10 spotted dolphins including Lone Star (#56), Trudy (#57), Stefran (#82) and several high-energy calves. The calves were jumping and leaping out of the water (see photo, taken by Cat). Everyone jumped in the water and had a quick swim with the dolphins. We followed them for awhile and tried one more swim but the dolphins swam off. However, on the way home they continued to bow ride with us! All in all it was a great day! 

Until next time,

Janan, Cat & Kel