Hold onto Your Hats!

Bimini2010_T51_BusterSunday began another week of dolphin trips with Bill & Nowdla Keefe. We set out at about 16:00 with the sun shining, the wind blowing and passengers eager to see dolphins! Everyone picked a spot on the boat and held on as we rode the waves in search of dolphins. We had a nice snorkel stop at “3 Sisters”, and then continued our dolphin search. We hoped that the dolphins would stay close to Bimini since it was so blustery. Not only were they close to shore, but they even found us! At 17:35 10 spotted dolphins rode the waves to join our party, and at 17:40 we hopped in the water to join them! We had a good swim with several individuals, including Buster (#04), Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Trudy (#57), Billy (#64), and un-named calf #91. Kel was unable to join Cat and Janan with the MVA because of the rough conditions, but we managed to get some pictures during the swim, including this one of Buster (#04, top dolphin). Eventually the dolphins headed off, probably to continue surfing the waves as we humans headed back in to shore. Luckily the ride back wasn’t quite so rough!  

Until the next windy trip,

Janan, Cat & Kel