A great end of the week!

Bimini2010_T31_CalfInAirWednesday’s dolphin trip began with a snorkel stop at The Bimini Road (aka Atlantis) – this time, folks explored the section of the stones where fish like to congregate.  Soon we were in the prime zone for seeing Atlantic spotted dolphins. We first saw dolphins at 1630 and watched them for a few minutes before losing sight of them. We had to be patient, but at 1823, we saw more! In this group, we saw Billy (#64), un-named #75 and 6 other adults. Everyone got a quick glimpse under water and we were all pleased have seen the dolphins once again. 

Thursday’s dolphin trip was jam packed! It was the final day of Bill & Nowdla Keefe’s weeklong dolphin trip and it concluded with a bang! We saw at least 16 spotteds, including Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Lone Star (#56), Trudy (#57), Tim (#69), Nemo (#76), Stefran (#82), un-named #93 (that’s Juliette’s calf) and, I think, Juliette (#12). There were several calves in the group, including this one hurrying to the boat! Everyone got great views under water and we were all smiles back to the dock! A big thanks to everyone who was on the boat this week. I really enjoyed getting to know you all! 

Until next time,