A busy, squall-y day

 While with the spotteds, I did get a quick glimpse of Tina (#14), who has not been seen for a few weeks, and un-named #87 as they rode the bow.  We kept going to investigate the splashes ahead and we were able to observe Swoosh (#36) and un-named #57 & 25 each with their respective < 1 year old calves.  I was thrilled to see these mother calf pairs, even though they did not want to swim with the silly humans.  Once they were out of view, we headed toward the dorsal fins in the distance.  Once we arrived we saw 3 adults with 2 borderline calf/juveniles (could they belong to the adults?) and un-named #84.  We were able to watch this group for some time while they traveled slowly north.  We could see splashes to the south, so after some time, we said goodbye & went to investigate again.  Once we came upon what we thought was another group of spotted dolphins, we discovered it was about 10 bottlenose dolphins.  The light was difficult, but I have many still photographs of dorsal fins to analyze for photo-ID.   

Tomorrow I’ll give a presentation to this week’s dolphin guests before heading on the boat again!  So, check back soon!