Goodbye Interns

Oh, good!  You’re reading more… 

Well, we had quite the day as we observed Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Split Jaw (#22), Lil’ Jess (#35), Niecey (#48) & calf, Billy (#64), Tim (#69), un-named #57, her now independent calf #84 and her new calf of the year, and un-named #79 & 89.  Two bottlenose dolphins even snuck into the group! Once we were back to the dock, with equipment rinsed, we headed out for a celebratory last dinner at the End of the World Saloon, aka the Sandbar or Sara’s depending on who you ask.  It was great working with this season’s interns – thank you Tabby & Adam!! 

Today I’ll be solo on the boat – I’ll let you know what I see!