A busy swim & stormy sit

 Bimini Tt06

 Today we headed out with a new group of dolphin passengers.  We were watching the radar all morning, as the last two days were squall filled.  Luckily we found the dolphins early.  It was a group of 12 bottlenose with a single, adult, male spotted dolphin.  This is atypical for Bimini.  When we do see mixed species groups, it is normally a couple of bottlenose dolphins joining a spotted group.  We’ll have to review the video & try to identify the spotted….Included in the group was Tt06 (pictured here).  The ride home included a stop to anchor to ride out a pretty intense squall.  Luckily, it was fast moving & we were back to the dock, safe & sound.  Tomorrow we hopefully head out of trip #26, but not before logging some video & giving our weekly presentation to passengers.  Be sure to check out the post below for a new addition – we’ve been singing it (or trying to) all day! 

 Until tomorrow,

 Kel, Tabby & Adam