This morning was busy, catching up on neglected email before heading out in search of dolphins.  The winds were finally calm; it felt like summer!  The sea was picture perfect flat as I looked overboard counting the sea stars on the seafloor.  Then, at approximately 1530, I saw them.  At 11 o’clock dorsal fins broke the surface.  As we headed toward them, we were greeted by Split Jaw (#22), a young juvenile and, I think, Tim (#69).  As they rode the bow, we were soon surrounded by bottlenose dolphins.  The two species did not appear to interact, but I was able to record a few minutes of bottlenose video.  Later in the day, we observed a large group of spotted adults (and sub-adult Lil’ Jess – #35!) both from the boat and underwater.  I have a lot of ID work ahead me!  But first, another dolphin trip tomorrow!

Until then,