Interspecies mingling…

Today's trip included a snorkel stop at Atlantis but before we even got there we found ourselves beside a large group of bottlenose that more or less ignored us. We maintained visual on them during the snorkel stop and caught up with what we believe was the same group after we were done with our snorkel but they still wanted nothing to do with us. We took the hint and moved on.

A half hour later we came across four more bottlenose dolphins who engaged in some fancy acrobatics. Minutes later we noticed a larger group about 200 yards off of what we discovered to be spotteds. We moved to their area and observed for a bit, at which point they noticed the bottlenose and took off to their area and started mingling. At this point, we wanted to mingle too.

There were approximately 20 dolphins that we could see though there were probably more in the area. The male bottlenose were getting a little frisky with the spotteds, some even successfully mating with the older females. This is the first time we were privileged enough to see anything more than an attempt. We spent about a half hour observing them before having to call it a night. The group followed us for a bit, bowriding and playing in the wake, before they too said goodbye.