High seas and stormy weather.

An hour into the trip, thankfully, we were approached by two young calves riding the five foot swells and our bow wake. A bottlenose joined them briefly but then took off, and the moms came out to keep any eye on the little ones. Our first attempt in the water was not welcomed by moms, but after bribing them with bow rides, we were able to join all four of them for over a half an hour.

The moms appeared to be teaching the calves how to feed by echolocating on the sand and burrowing for the catch. Mom would head scan the sand with baby beside or beneath her, headscanning as well. It was quite a sight. The babies weren't all that interested in the lesson for long, and prefered riding the waves and playing with us, but they also worked in a little quality mom time, nursing and staying close by.

Our following day was pretty nasty, weather wise, and we stayed on land. Probably should have stayed in the next day, as it was quite unpleasant on the boat, and the dolphins didn't come out to play either.

Better luck Saturday, hopefully.
K and K