Final Day at Sea

The sunrise was colorful and the breeze slight.

Yesterday afternoon brought us to anchor just north of Sandy Cay. About 14 feet deep and clear visibility with no current. We went in search of conch and lobster for supper. But also it was fun just to observe the critters underwater. We did see a 6 foot nurse shark pass by within 10 feet of two of us while snorkeling. This morning brought more snorkeling and glassy seas. Almost mirror like – it was amazing. We hauled anchor at about 10 AM and did a two hour search in this southern area for dolphins. Two turtles and several triggerfish frolicking at the surface gave us a few false alarms. But no dolphins. We had a a good trip back to port and tied up at the dock by 3:00 PM. Hard to believe the summer field season in the Bahamas is complete. I'll provide the summary tomorrow. Then, sometime next week, I will give an overview of the summer with some photos to illustrate my summaries. Cheers Kathleen