Happy September!

Can you believe we are into the 9th month of this first year of the new millenium!

We had a bit of rain – just a drizzle today. Some of the passengers left for home and others will stay in the nearby hotel for a night. We may get together for dinner in Lucaya this evening and partake in some of the local entertainment. That is, dancing to lots of steel drums and enjoying a good Bahamian dinner. This week was low for ths number of sightings and encounters, likely because of the choppy seas. We did see 33 dolphins – 25 bottlenose and 8 spotted dolphins. We had 8 sightings, 2 encounters and 2 short encounters for a total of about 20 minutes swimming with dolphins and observing their behavior and interactions. We saw three adults that I recognized – #64, #12 (double gash), and #6 (macho). We also have two new calves to add to the ID catalog because they have distinctive scars. One has only half a fluke! We hiked around Sandy Cay and dove on the Sugar wreck. We also saw three turtles and 6 sharks this week. Rather a diverse week for all sightings including critters and weather. One more to go. Will write more tomorrow. Cheers Kathleen