Much Data Collected

Three research projects currently ongoing at DE for DCP

Our day began early with our trip to DE. Our team was one member short because Kristy returned to the USA for classes. We had two sessions for MVA data collection. The first was with Nina, her calf Cacique, Soca and Aunty V. Before the end of the session, Nina was swimming closer to me with Cacique on my side of her body. I also docuemtned Cacique nursing from his mom.

Our second session was with Dot and her calf and Chippy and her calf. This session was only about 17 minutes because the visibility was not good (~3 m and silty).

But, the other research ongoing is from Mats, Josefin, Sofia and Christer – colleagues from Sweden. Christer is here to test the MOSART tag and pec pac. We will have our first true session with MVA and tag on Wednesday. Mats, Josefin and Sofia are testing a brand new set up nicknamed ELVIS. It is a mat with hydrophones to be buried to see how and with what intensity dolphins might echolocation on fish that live in the sand. The first set of trials worked GREAT today and four sessions were done with the dolphins. The echolocation signals were clear and evident as the dolphins checked our targets (to simulate fish) on top of the sand.

All in all, despite the wind, we had a great day for data collection.
Till tomorrow,
Kathleen et al.