Travel is disrupted by Mother Nature!

Bad weather leads to flight delays and cancellations.

Our drive to JFK is met with torrential rain, flooding on the highways, a mudslide on one of the roads just before JFK, horrible traffic, flight delays, a tornado that closed JFK for an hour and more. Amazingly, even the manhole covers on two highways were blown up! We missed one by inches, or so it seemed, as we drove towards JFK.
Each team was delayed getting to JFK, in fact two groups made the flight by 5 minutes, even though our flight was delayed by 1.5 hrs! Their bags took an extra day to catch up with us! Everyone arrived a bit tired, but in good spirits.
We had dinner at Johnnie Canoe’s and were introduced to Bahamian food and sweltering heat! I welcomed this, but then I am in the minority when the three H’s come into play – hot, humid, hazy. I love them. We made introductions and shared lively conversation over dinner. Our plan for tomorrow is to meet the dolphins first thing … after riding the ferry to Blue Lagoon Island, that is. I look forward to sharing my research and the program at DE with all the kids, and the chaperones.
Cheers for the morning,