Three sessions for data collection!

I used the MVA and Christer had a couple with MOSART

Another day, another dollar, or in this case, 'another data'! We were again able to collect much data and use the MOSART tag in concert with the MVA. Nina and Jake were willing participants and wore the pack well. Jake even kept the pack on throughout the ELVIS session in which he was involved.

It was neat to watch that while Nina wore the pec pac with the tag, her son, Cacique would check her out with echolocation and direct, perpendicular approaches. And, it was even cooler to see the click data on Christer's computer screen later in the day once he'd downloaded the information from the flash card.

We have two more days possible for data collection. It is truly amazing the three projects that we have been able to engage in this week. We are learning so much about dolphin behavior and their accompanying sounds.

Till tomorrow,