An AWESOME day of data collection!

We collected MVA, MOSART and ELVIS data!

The day began a bit later that yesterday … a bit of a morning rest was called for for all of us. Then, I was able to get MVA data from two back-to-back sessions. I observed the three adult males for 30 min and then Nina, Cacique, Soca and Aunty V for the second session of 25 min. All before the first set of guests … it was absolutely CLEAR underwater visbility which made for great videos.

Aunty V decided that Cacique should swim with her for a while but Nina did not seem to mind. Soca also spent the first ten min of that session closely following Aunty V … not sure if it was a mild chase or just following. Nina also whistled with a bubble stream several times.

Mats, Josefin & Sofia were able to spend four sessions with the ELVIS mat of hydrophones and work with Stormy, Shawn and Jake to see how they might echolocate on buried fish. Neat stuff and the dolphins seemed to be enjoying their new behaviors.

Christer was able to get the MOSART tag set and we used it on Jake twice today. This trip has us using the older pec pac for training because the new tags are not yet ready. Jake did not seem to mind the slightly larger pac and hung out with Fatman and McGyver with them only occasionally checking out Jake's new 'watch'.

We will start early again tomorrow and get lots of data, we hope.
Till then,