A busy, non dolphin day

I cannot believe I really just wrote September when typing the date.  How can that be?  It has been a wonderful summer – and hurricane free for Bimini so far (fingers crossed).  The island is very busy; Labor Day weekend & good boating weather are a great combination for local hotels & marinas.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that will transfer to busy dolphin trips, but since there is much other work to be done, it is okay.    Yesterday I said goodbye to my visitors from Dolphin Encounters.  Thank you so much for coming to Bimini!  Then it was laundry & apartment cleaning as the lease for the DCP apartment ended.  I used to move out & fly on the same day at the end of the field season, but that was too hectic, so since the second year, I’ve always found someone to stay with for the very end.      Today was spent catching up on things like field reports, data entry & video logging.  I’m in a good spot with video, but as soon as I feel that way, I seem to collect more!  It’s a terrible life, I know 😉    Tomorrow will probably be a split work & play day, unless a dolphin trip materializes.    Until then,  Kel