A bull shark, a bit of rain & late dolphins

This morning we prepared for the Wednesday phone link with the aquarium, but with no success – the electricity was out!  And, no electricity, means no internet.  Next, it was a video logging session with DE and Bimini Undersea staff.  Then, while I prepped for the boat & took care of some loose ends, the DE staff ate fire.  Yup, you read correctly, they ate fire with other dolphin week passengers.  They seemed to enjoy the experience, even if it wasn’t something they thought they’d be doing in Bimini!    The boat left the dock at 1603.  We paused briefly in the harbor to observe a small bull shark.  Out in the dolphin grounds, there was a quick squall with two false-alarm dolphin sightings.  Just when we thought we might be shut out for the day, we saw a group of bottlenose dolphins.  Passengers got a quick glimpse under water while I stayed on-board to gather dorsal fin photographs.  Immediately after, we finally saw a group of spotted dolphins.  Included in the group was Tina (#14), Lil’ Jess (#35), Swoosh (#36) and un-named #78.  We got a quick underwater session before needing to head back to the dock.    Trip #50 is tomorrow!  Until then,  Kel