Long time no post!

Hello all!  I cannot believe it is already Friday.  I’ve been out of touch only because I’ve been making lots of headway with the backlog of video.  It is very time consuming, but very rewarding as old and new dolphins are identified.  It looks like a new, young juvenile may be added to the photo-ID catalog, but unfortunately I still a need a good look its left side.  It is important that we be able to document both sides of an animal in order to reduce the chance that a single animal will be given two different ID numbers.  So, we’ll have to wait & see what future video brings.    Tomorrow (Saturday) starts a run of 6 dolphin trips.  Just as I come close to finishing one set of video, it’s time to add more to the pile!  The weather forecast is good, so we’re all hoping it stays that way.    Until then,  Kel